Saturday, August 11, 2007


In a recent NYT I read a great article about all the new baby/toddler seats for riding bikes. They article reviewed several, but by far my favorite was the WeeRide. I love that it's in front of the rider. The article did say that it's much safer then the old seats that are on attached on the back of the bike. I think it's also better, because if the little girl (or guy) gets cranky you can see exactly what's going on without having to pull over. I also really like that it's got the enlarged holding pad in the front. Not only can the little one hold on and feel as though she's driving, but she can also just lay her head down and go to sleep if she gets tired during the ride. Plus, to us it makes so much more sense to have the baby up front. In the old carriers the baby would just stare at the riders back, but with the WeeRide the baby gets to see everything. Love it!


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