Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Baby room

As I've mentioned before on this blog, our adoption coordinator has told us that to make the wait easier we should not go out and fully decorate our baby room until we actually have a baby. She insists that all of the necessities (crib, diapers, etc) can be bought at the last minute. This has proven to be very difficult for us. Probably because we're just so excited to be parents, we've gone ahead and done a few things to the baby room. As I wrote earlier we had some great wallpaper put up (picture frames that the baby will be able to draw or paint in as he or she gets older), and we had some new shelving built in. The shelving became a requirement because we've been slowly buying books since we started the adoption process. We've got close to a hundred childrens books already - so at least we know we'll have plenty to read to the baby (at least for a little while.)

So, as you can see - what was supposed to be an empty baby room has started to fill up a little. We've justified our "little additions" by not buying a crib, or any baby specific furniture - yet. One can definately tell that it's a childs room -but it's also clear to anyone who comes that a child hasn't moved in yet. Our search for a birthmother continues - with any luck we'll adopt soon, and the baby room will be filled!

Thanks for reading.