Saturday, August 11, 2007

Summer fun (in the future with a baby)

I don't know if you agree, but John and I love summer. I know we've mentioned several times in the blog about going to museums, and theatre, etc (because even at a young age there are SO MANY fun things for kids to do at museums), but we are also looking forward to helping our future baby explore the outside. Summer is such a great time - even if it can get a little too hot from time to time. For us it also brings back so many fun memories for John and I, and hope of some of the fun things we'll be able to do with our child. We both love being outside, and we can't wait to share our passion for being outside with our baby. Although a great plus to living in Georgia is that we can go outside year round, it's even nicer in the summer. Almost every day we take walks through our neighborhood. Growing up, my grandmother would take me on walks and point out every tree, bird, caterpillar, and ant. It's really amazing that with the right guide, and a little perspective even the most mundane walk can become an adventure in learning about the world we live in. I just can't wait to teach our little girl (or boy) about all the wildlife the lives in our little surburban neighborhood.

Growing up on the coast of Maine I have a lot of great memories that involve water, and the beach. My father has always had boats and airplanes, and on top of that loves having family and friends visit him on them. My Dad is always asking for me and John to come and visit, and once the baby comes we plan on spending as much time as possible on the boat with my dad. Luckily it's big enough so that we can all stay the night on the boat without feeling too cramped. Below is a picture of my dad's newest boat that I took with my camera phone... not a very good picture - but you get the idea. This picture is actually the first time this boat was ever in the water. I flew up to Maine for a few days to help my dad take delivery of the boat he ordered. It turns out that "taking delivery of the boat" isn't to much work. They put it in the water - presumably to make sure it doesn't sink - and then test the engines, electronics, etc. All in all it's pretty exciting. Looking at this picture makes me realize I don't really have any pictures of his new boat. My dad was really focused on making sure the engines worked properly, and I made sure that all the TVs, the shower, microwave, etc were working. As I recall everything worked perfectly except for the satelite radio - but that was just a reception issue. I'll have to email my stepmom and ask her to send some good ones!

John also has great summer memories of his childhood. He tells great stories about the many times that him and his father would go to his uncles cabin on "the lake." I gather that John and his cousins (Nick & Ryan) were pros at riding the inter-tube and water skiiing. I guess they managed to do some pretty amazing tricks! Like me, beyond the exciting things (boats, planes, etc) he has lots of great memories of just exploring the outside. Anyway, the point is we're really looking forward to taking our future child outside to the beach, to the forest - to explore!

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Melanie said...

William and John,
I look at adoption sites and photolistings on and off to satisfy my own innate want to have children (random in a 22 year old, I know) anyways that's how I came across your page and blog. All I can say is if it were up to me you'd have been contacted months ago. Your love for children and want to be parents just glows out from your writings (all that baby paraphialia you've already baught lends hints to that fact too ;-)lol). Obvously it isn't up to me, but I did feel compelled to send encouragement and let you know you've got positive thoughts being sent your way. :-)