Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This year seems to be a good year to visit New York City. After we adopt we're so looking forward to traveling with our child. There are SO many great places for kids in New York - museums, parks, theatre, etc. Luckily, William has to go to NYC at the end of this month for some meeting and I happen to be off for two days, so I will be traveling to NYC to spend time with William. He will be working during the day, but we are planning on having some great evenings while we are there. I'm looking forward to doing some walking around and enjoying all the city has to offer! We are also thinking about seeing a show. We were thinking about seeing "Wicked." William has read the book that it's based on, and my cousin Matt and my aunt Sue just got back from London where they saw it, and said it was fantatsic.


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