Thursday, August 16, 2007

Smart Ideas

I was reading the New York Times this morning, and there was a great article titled "My Dad, American Inventor." The article talks about how more and more fathers are taking on more and more of the day to day kid challenges, and in doing so are creating new products for their kids. My favorite product discussed in this article is the BabySport nipple ( Tommy Habeeb was at a park with a cold bottle of water and no way to offer that water to his todler who was slung across his chest. After some rough starts, he came up with a nipple with a twist bottom that can fit on most water bottles. SO SIMPLE, SO SMART.

Another pretty good invention mentioned in the article is called "Toteatot." It's basically a car seat with straps that allow you to safely secure it to your suitcase. Again, simple and smart. This picture below explains it all!!!


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Keep up your search, I think you both are doing a great job on your search for a baby!!!