Thursday, February 26, 2009


John and I are going to go on ski trip in mid March. We are very excited! Although we both skied a lot when we were younger it has been many years since the last time. We're going with our good friend Brady and her boyfriend David. David found a great place for us to stay... if it lives up to it's description it is literally on the mountain.

Being that we live in Georgia you might imagine that we don't really have that much cold weather gear anymore, and you'd be right. John called his mom and asked her to send some of his old cold weather gear. She sent a few sweaters, some gloves, and a few hats... and at the bottom of the box was this picture of John.

As my mother put it when she saw his photo "he's always been beautiful, hasn't he!" He certainly was a cute child. My mom also reminded me that somewhere in the pile of old pictures she sent me was this photo of me at a young age "skiing." It was more like falling, or sitting.. not sure which. Both of the pictures are a little blurry (they are pictures of a pictures), but I think it's neat to see them.

We can't wait until the day that we'll be able to capture little moments in time of our little one... our little one just can't come to us soon enough!

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