Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow in Atlanta!

We see it as a a great sign for our upcoming ski trip that it snowed in Atlanta yesterday. Having lived here for the last several years it's really strange to see the snow. At our house we got just about three inches of snow, and it managed to last most of today before it melted away. We made snow men, and basically everywhere you went people were excited. When it first started to snow, and the temperature was pretty high so nothing was sticking to the ground or road, John and I drove around town seeing how beautiful the heavy flakes of snow made the world seem. After awhile we called our friend Brady, and had lunch at a great restaurant that sits on the Chattahoochee river. The first picture is of the snow just as it started to accumulate. That's in stark contrast to the second picture of my mother's drive way (where I grew up), where they have had snow storm after snow storm and have had several feet of snow this year. I guess when you have one or two snow storms a week snow isn't quite as much fun to shovel and play around with. I have many, many memories of shoveling snow. You know you have a lot of snow, when you literally have to shovel your way out of the house!


jaysinwantsu03 said...

We actually still have snow on te ground.. I can't believe it.. I thought it would have melted by now..

Bobby said...

Hi guys!
We are IAC clients too. We've followed your story via the IAC adoption forum boards and just found your blog. You should know we've taken inspiration from your posts there, and will follow your blog now too.

Lis said...

You so loved the snow when you were small! And didn't mind the cold a bit. In that bunch of pictures I sent is one of you on your first picnic one Spring. Around the old apple tree where your tree house was, is a patch of bare ground surrounded by snow, and you're quite happily kneeling there. You're wearing only a hoodie, which I probably had to practically tie on your body. How a person who never wore shoes until the ground froze (and not always even then) ended up in the land of everwarm, I'll never know!