Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Such a cutie!!

John was going through some website when he came upon this picture and showed me. It's a picture of a little guy with his mom at some sort of event. I'm glad the parents were thoughtful enough to protect the little one's ears. He's just so cute I had to post the picture.

Thanks for reading. We hope you're having a great day!!


Anonymous said...

You two are so beautiful. You are going to give a wonderful, loving home to a child who needs it and have an amazing family. Now I wish I were pregnant so I could give that gift to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey William & John-

I know it is probably bittersweet to hear, but I wanted to share with you that two friends of mine brought home a beautiful baby boy two weeks ago through an open adoption. They were able to meet the birth monther and share their story, and she was happy to have the baby go to such a loving home with two wonderful daddies to love him.

Your story is going to have a happy ending; I trust it.

William said...

Not bittersweet at all! We are always excited to hear of other couples and birthmothers that have found eachother. Each couples journey is different, and we know that our time will come!

Thanks for your kind words!