Sunday, January 11, 2009

The future is here!

One of the many things that John and I do to make the time pass during our adoption wait is browse through the toy sections of stores. During a recent look at some of the new toys that are going to hit the market we discovered that the future is here. Like John and I, many of you may remember the little red wagon you played with as a child. You probably got pulled, or pulled around others, in this little red wagon called the Radio Flyer. The Radio Flyer wagon of our childhood was utilitarian at best... If, even for second, you've wondered whether or not we're in the age of technology take a look at the radio flyer of today. This is not the little red wagon of of our childhood. It comes complete with seat belts, comfort seating, speakers, iPod connection, and - you guessed it - cup holders! Wow. We've come a really long way since the days of lawn darts!

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