Thursday, February 08, 2007

Modern baby furniture??? Maybe not this modern...

Along the same lines as yesterdays post - today's search for baby furniture brought me to an interesting furniture maker from the Netherlands called Piet Hein Eek ( PHE uses reclaimed wood for all of their furniture pieces. They hand select each piece of wood to make original one of a kind furniture. I usually think that time consuming, hand made goods are better then most but I'm not sure this time. When I showed these pictures to a couple of my our friends the first thing out of their mouth was "splinters."

I guess I can appreciate the aesthetic value of these unique pieces, but I don't think we'll be buying these pieces for our future child.


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Anonymous said...

The line of furniture from PHE includes much more than the baby furniture. Check out some of the desks, side tables, even lamps that they make. I have a side table that I adore!

Good luck with your search to you both.