Monday, May 28, 2007

G-diaper update

For those of you who have read most of the blog you are familiar with the G-diaper ( For those of you that aren't, I'd encourage you to read the blog, BUT essentially they are diapers that are a cross between a cloth diaper and disposable diaper. I'm happy to report that Gdiaper recently expanded it's product line to include diapers that are not only solid colors, but also diapers that have pretty patterns (such as girly girl swirl, and Gone Hawaiian). Needless to say - when our baby comes he, or she, will have more then just solid colors to wear.



Anonymous said...

We have been using the G-diapers for the last 5 months and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them

Good luck!!!


macngabmama said...

Do u happen to still have any of your looking to buy some :)

W, J and R said...

Sorry - just took a look and it looks like we gave them all away already. Thought we had a couple still hanging around, but looks like they are all gone. Good luck in your search.