Saturday, January 06, 2007


Among the many, great gifts that I received this holiday season my favorite was the Nike + iTunes set ( The set included a pair of Nike+ sneakers, the Nike+ sensor kit, and a new iPod Nano ( I've had an iPod for sometime, but the Nike+ system only works on the Nano, so John had to get me another one for it all to work. For those of you who are not familiar with the Nike+ system it's a really interesting system that sends information from your shoes (as you run / walk / or both) to your Nano. The iPod then tracks all the information - how fast, far, often, etc that you run. This is interesting enough, but the best part is that all that information is loaded in to the Nike+ website where it charts all of your activity. The website also has features which allow you to set and track goals, meet other runners, and challenge the runners you meet to contests/races that are instantly tracked by the website. Needless to say that I have become completely obsessed with this. I have joined about five different challenges, and am happy to say that I am in the first or second place in three of them, and in the top five of the other two. I check the website constantly (that might be a little of an exaggeration) to see my standing in the races. I have also managed to run almost every day since I received Nike+ as a gift. So... with any luck when we finally adopt our baby I'll not only be able to set a good example (exercise is a good thing - LOL) but I'll also be a little bit healthier too!



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