Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hugs and stickers.

One of my favorite parts of my job is when I get to hand out stickers to the kids while their parents are waiting. Often, right when they walk in the door they start running to the desk to get their sticker! Today I realized that everyone of those kids always say “May I please have a sticker?” and “Thank you!” Small stuff like that will go along way with those kids, so a pat on the back to their parents! Today I gave one of my favorite clients children a sticker and as they were leaving he walked over to me (he is about two and half years old) and said “Hug.” He then put out his arms for me to bend down and give him a hug. Made my day!!! Such a cute little guy.

I just can't wait to be a dad!!!



Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been getting our cars washed for about 3 years, and we see John on a regular basis. Everytime we tell our two boys (3years and 13 years old) that we are going to the car wash, their eyes light up, and they start bouncing off the walls.
They love going their because John takes his time with each of our children, giving them his full attention, and treating them as tiny adults. Every time we have been to the car wash, I have watch as John bends down, and asks my little guy "What sticker he would like today?" A few times the stickers have been placed on my child's face, our interior window of cars, and the back of dads t-shirt. I remember one times where my youngest put his sticker on Johns leg. He thought it was hilarius, John would keep asking him if he knew "Where his stickers went?"
My oldest is already in the "my parents are so lame" stage of his life, but when John talks with him, I watch as my child hangs on Johns every word, and I know that in John, he has found a great role model. My favorite part is when they see each other, John walks over and puts his hand out to shake my sons hand. John says "Good morning Sir, how are you today?" Because John has done this with my son everytime he sees him, my son now shakes everyones hand when he sees someone.
John is a fantastic guy, my kids are so lucky to know him. John has talked with me about the ups and downs of their adoption journey, and every time I ask him how the adoption process is going, he smiles and says 'One day soon, I can feel it!"

I can not think of a better person, who is more patient, and more caring then John to become a father. Our fingers are crossed.

Krystyna said...

I just wanted to say that I hope you two are given everything you hope for. It's obvious that you two have the affection and love that many children out there go without, and I think nothing should hold you back from having the child you two would so obviously love and adore from day one. There are so many little ones out there who aren't given even a fourth of the love you're offering. I actually found your website, and clicked out of curiosity, from a Facebook advertisement. I hope and pray nothing holds you two back. Happy Holidays! :]

karolyn said...

hi guys, just stumbled across your website and wanted to wish you the very best of luck in everything.