Saturday, June 30, 2007


William finally got his iphone!!!! So after months, and months...and months of hearing about all the magical things that the iPhone can do, William now has it.

I was telling him about the long lines, and having to sleep overnight in front of an apple store to get one, but he ended up walking into the mall and getting his phone in about 15 minutes last night. He had already programed everything on his apple laptop, so all he had to do was plug in the phone and download everything. So within about 20 minutes he was calling people and telling everyone that they were talking on his new phone.

That night after William was done testing every feature on the phone, William gave me a quick seminar of all the cool features it has. In the end, all I grasped was that it is a touch pad, my picture will show up when I call him, it has a quick link to YOUTUBE, he can check his e-mail, play music and movies...and I AM NEVER EVER TO TOUCH IT. (Joke - I can touch it, but I probably won't. LOL)

I am amazed that the directions for the iphone are still in the box, and that William just naturally knows how to do all of this "technical" stuff.

I on the other hand still cant work our TV remote control when William is out of town!!!



William said...

It's true - I did go out and get the iPhone. It's turned out to be a great purchase. I can check our adoption email (although I can't reply to it yet) through my phone which I love... and I can even go to our adoption website ( and look at it. Lots of fun!

P.S. John makes fun of me, but I think he's almost more excited about it then I am. :)

Terry said...

Good luck to you both, it will happen when the time is right...I saw make that babyroom the best room you can!!


Anonymous said...