Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rocking babies

Is it a bad thing that I'm obsessed with babies in rockers? First, I'm amazed at how well they work. Again, this week I witnessed a crying baby be instantly soothed by being put into a baby rocker. Or maybe, they are better called baby soothers since so many of them don't really rock, but rather just vibrate or jiggle a little. The rocker I have posted here is actually a Kate Spade rocker (www.katespade.com)... John really likes it and it has a lot of functionality - it can both rock and vibrate to sooth a baby to sleep.

My mom tells me that when I was a baby the thing that got me to sleep the best was driving in the car. Evidentially, when I was really, really throwing a fit the easiest way to get me to sleep was to put me in my car seat and drive around town. I can just imagine my poor mother, tired at 2 am having had no sleep at all finally deciding to get up, get dressed and strap me into my car seat for a long drive through town. I guess that just goes to show that a little white noise and vibrations (from a car, or a rocker) does miracles for soothing a cranky baby.



here's how i do it said...

This rocker is so cute ... and what's more, it's from Kate Spade. A baby really lights up a home. =)

Edie Byrnes said...

I LOVE this Blog... is that so wrong? I've been checking daily (sad life)and re-reading the adventures of William and John. Having no children of my own and nieces that have long since lost the need for these items, I'm always intrigued to see the new and exciting toys, gifts and learning objects out in today's world.

Who knew that the cardboard houses that I used (refrigerator boxes from the local appliance store) would end up looking more like the doublewide down the street compared to the cardboard homes of today? Not to mention the artwork I had - a mere crayon graffiti - would pale in comparison to the Sistine Chapel-esque creation John will produce.

I just can't wait to see how else our little world has changed through the eyes and words of John and William.